Pennsylvania Lethal Weapons Training Act ( Act 235 )

Targetmaster is a certified PA Act 235 Training School. Lethal Weapons Certification (Act 235) is required by any person who is privately employed and required, as a condition of employment, to carry a lethal weapon.  Examples of private employees are: Security Guards, Armored Truck Guards, Alarm Response Guards, Night Watchmen, and Private Investigators.

NOTE: ALL Students MUST have their Physical & Psychological Exams, and State Approval Letter
PRIOR to signing up for the class

Upcoming Targetmaster PA Act 235 Training - Basic Course(40 Hours)

2012 Class Schedule:

April 28, 10am-8pm

April 29, 8am-6pm

May 5, 10am-8pm

May 6, 8am-6pm

  • Cost is $395 & must be paid in full to secure spot, $100 cancellation fee applys. Cost is non-refundable once class begins.
  • Must have state approval and have completed the application process including the physical & psychological exams before attending class.
  • handgun required (rentals available).
  • 38 special, 9mm, .40 s&w, .357sig., .45acp, & .357mag. are acceptable calibers
  • 200 rounds of handgun & 15 rounds of 12ga. 00 Buckshot required (can be purchased from Targetmaster).
  • strong side belt holster, magazine pouches, and speedloaders(revolver only) are required.
  • targets and backers will be supplied.
  • dress code is casual/professional

Frequently Asked Questions